The Trump campaign has failed to flip the state of Wisconsin, adding votes to Biden after spending $3 million, while Candace Owen wins against fact-checkers, Carter Page files a $75M lawsuit, and more in conservative politics.

Wisconsin recount: Biden gains 87 votes as Trump campaign loses $3 million

A recount requested by the campaign of President Donald Trump not wound up with the final tally adding 87 more votes to Joe Biden’s total, but the price tag for the effort cost the Trump campaign $3 million.

The recount was held in two of the largest counties in Wisconsin, and the final numbers of the recount confirmed that Joe Biden won the state by more than 20,000 votes, the Independent reported.

Candace Owens challenges Facebook fact-checkers and wins over Biden as “President-elect”

Despite all major media referring to Joe Biden as president-elect, as a matter of fact, he is not legally so.

After being slapped with a “false” rating on Facebook, author and commentator Candace Owens challenged the left-leaning fact-checking site PolitiFact, a Facebook partner — and won, the Daily Wire reported.

“I wanted to show that these fact-checkers just lie,” Owens said. “And they usually go unchecked because most people don’t have the money, don’t have the time, and don’t have the platform to go after them — and I have all three.”

At issue was a statement in a video commenting on the 2020 presidential election in which Owens captioned the post: “Joe Biden is literally and legally not the President-elect. So why is the media pretending he is?”

The caption garnered a “false” rating on Owens’ Facebook post.

The fact of the matter is that Joe Biden is legally not the president-elect until elected and by the electoral college.

On Saturday, Owens posted a comment on her taking legal action against PolitiFact, resulting in the removal of their false rating, and a retraction on the article, and a “correction” with the Facebook fact-checking partner admitting their fault.

“Weeks ago, [Facebook] censored a post of mine which truthfully stated that [Joe Biden] is NOT the President-elect,” Owens wrote on Twitter on Saturday. “So I got lawyers involved. Conclusion? [PolitiFact] uncensored the post & admitted that they LIED by rating my post false. The fact-checkers are lying for Democrats.”

The correction from PolitiFact reads:

“Correction: PolitiFact originally labeled this video false in our capacity as a third-party fact-checker for Facebook. On Nov. 20, an appeal to that decision was made on behalf of Ms. Owens. PolitiFact approved the appeal on Nov. 20, determined that a correction was appropriate, and removed the false rating.”

Carter page file $75 million lawsuit against DOJ, FBI, and Comey

Following the Russia probe, Carter Page, a former Trump aide whom the FBI surveilled, has filed a $75 million lawsuit against the bureau, as well as Justice Department and former FBI Director James Comey, Fox reported.

The lawsuit was filed last Friday. The suit accuses the FBI, DOJ, and Comey of violating Page’s constitutional and “other legal rights in connection with unlawful surveillance and investigation of him by the United States Government.”

“This case is about holding accountable the entities and individuals who are responsible for the most egregious violation and abuse of the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] FISA statute since it was enacted over forty years ago,” according to the complaint.

“Between the Horowitz report and various congressional [investigations] on this subject, there are no bombshell revelations in this lawsuit other than Page is seeking to be made whole from the individuals who have completely destroyed his life,” attorney Tim Parlatore, who is representing Page, told Fox.

Oregon governor urges citizens to call police on people violating lockdown, Sheriff says Dept. will not enforce

Citizens in Oregon are being encouraged to call the police on their neighbors who violate the two-week lockdown restrictions imposed by Governor Kate Brown, the Western Journal reported.

The lockdown shuts down dining in restaurants, closes gyms, museums, limits capacity at stores, as well as shuts down some outdoor facilities. The lockdown order also imposes limits on how many people can gather indoors in private homes.

However, one Sheriff’s Department and Oregon said it would not enforce the order.

“We recognize that we cannot arrest or enforce our way out of the pandemic, and we believe both are counterproductive to public health goals,” the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.