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Whistleblower Scandal Brewing Implying Trump Abuse of Power, Involves Ukraine

Here are some of the top stories making headlines in conservative politics today: Whistleblower complaint against Trump unleashes new scandal; Trump revokes California’s authority on auto standards; EPA to cite San Francisco over pollution caused by homeless.

Whistleblower complaint implies Trump abuse of power

A new scandal is brewing involving President Donald Trump.  This happened after a whistleblower within the US intelligence community sent a complaint to the Inspector General, who reportedly found it credible and a matter of “urgent concern.”

Allegedly, President Trump made “a promise” to a foreign leader, who is now believed to be the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The whistleblower found the interaction “so troubling” that the official filed a complaint.

The matter was then brought to the attention of acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Joseph Maguire. By law, the DNI is required to alert the Congressional Intelligence committees. Instead, the DNI contacted the Justice Department and the DOJ decided to withhold the information from lawmakers.

Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson is scheduled to appear before the House Intelligence Committee today. Chairman Adam Schmidt (D-California) is reportedly going to compel US intelligence officials to disclose the full details of the whistleblower complaint to Congress.

Trump revokes California’s authority to set auto standards

Citing reducing the cost of automobiles for consumers, safety, and jobs, Trump said his administration is revoking California’s authority to set their own strict emissions and fuel economy standards. In a trio of tweets, Trump wrote:

“The Trump Administration is revoking California’s Federal Waiver on emissions in order to produce far less expensive cars for the consumer, while at the same time making the cars substantially SAFER.

This will lead to more production because of this pricing and safety………. advantage, and also due to the fact that older, highly polluting cars, will be replaced by new, extremely environmentally friendly cars. There will be very little difference in emissions between the California Standard and the new U.S. Standard, but the cars will be……..far safer and much less expensive.

Many more cars will be produced under the new and uniform standard, meaning significantly more JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! Automakers should seize this opportunity because without this alternative to California, you will be out of business.”

Trump says EPA will cite San Francisco for pollution due to homelessness issues

Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One, President Trump said he expects the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to cite the city of San Francisco “very soon” with a violation notice stemming from pollution associated with the homeless crisis there.

“There’s tremendous pollution being put into the ocean because they’re going through what’s called the storm sewer – that’s for rainwater,” Trump said. “And we have tremendous things that we don’t have to discuss pouring into the ocean. You know there are needles, there are other things.”

“It’s a terrible situation that’s in Los Angeles and in San Francisco,” Trump continued. “And we’re going to be giving San Francisco – they’re in total violation – we’re going to be giving them a notice very soon.”

T. Vernon Walsh

T. Vernon Walsh

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