What Younger Americans Don’t Get and Need to Understand About Socialism

A new definition of socialism is leading young Americans believe that socialism will bring social justice, social and financial equality, but this false promise is hiding the real and insidious dangers of socialism which threaten to kill American liberty and freedom.

Socialism is being embraced by the young

We live in an age of social justice warriors. Academics have led young people to believe that socialism is equivalent to fairness, justice and equality. But such a definition is a lie.

By America’s own Constitution, methods for providing the aforementioned protections are already embedded within it.

Capitalism, on the other hand, has been portrayed as an evil that seeks profit for the top 1% at the expense of the other 99 percent.

In politics, Democratic Socialists are growing and gaining power, with over 700 elected delegates from around the nation attending its national convention in Chicago in 2017. Socialism is no longer an academic theory – it is a real force and one that must be reckoned with – and quickly.

Today’s champions of socialism & their goals

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) are the two major faces leading the cause of socialism in American politics, but they have many other Democrats in Congress who are aligned with their socialist ideas.

Among their ideas is the so-called “Green New Deal” which proposes radical and unachievable aims for literally restructuring America to combat climate change. Additionally, they are in favor of socialist programs such as “Medicare for all,” free college tuition, marijuana legalization, late-term abortion, open borders and the elimination of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Other socialist goals

The goals of socialists aim to either take over, radically transform or eliminate certain industries. Coal would almost certainly be eliminated, with fossil fuels next on the chopping block.

Government would take over healthcare and, and at first, most likely regulate it like public utilities. Many profitable industries and dominant corporations could be ripe for government takeover, or at least strict regulation.

The redistribution of wealth is almost a certainty. Wealthy Americans can expect a high level of taxation. Both Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez have already revealed plans.

However, wealth redistribution or heavy taxation on wealthy Americans could backfire on the socialists. The wealthy with the means would likely find ways to repatriate, moving their themselves and/or their businesses to another country that is more tax friendly.

Therefore, the socialists may not be able to take the large pile of cash they are hoping to annex from the wealthy and give to the government. Of course, they could simply enact laws to make sure the wealthy don’t have such options or seize their money before it could be moved elsewhere.

Learn from history

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

– George Santayana

It is often said that “people are basically good.”Unfortunately, that is not true. People are basically selfish. Socialism eventually gives unrestricted power to those in charge. Power corrupts.

As the saying goes, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”History has shown this repeatedly. Thus, there is no reason to believe differently – people in power under a socialist system will eventually become selfish and corrupt.

One only has to look back at Karl Marx and his legacy to see the failure of the promise to create a classless society. Instead, his brand of socialism created prison camps, abolished religion and created the worship of big brother. They removed corrupt dictators only to replace them with a dictatorship of the Socialist party.

Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried: The Soviet Union under Marx and Lenin, socialism under Nazi Germany, communist China under Chairman Mao, the failing socialism in Venezuela under Chavez and Maduro. We would be naïve to think it would be any different if instituted in the United States.