What Are the Most In-Demand Government Jobs?


Whether you’re dealing with accounts payable software or wearing a badge as a law enforcement officer, there are numerous positions under both federal and state government umbrellas. If you’re looking for a job with consistent hours, good benefits, and competitive pay, you could look into a job working for the government.

Some of the highest-paying jobs in the government require college degrees in specialized fields. Here are some of the jobs that are most in-demand by the US government.


If you’ve got a degree in organic or inorganic chemistry, a future working for the government could be ahead of you. Public health and environmental protection are both major focuses for the government, so chemists are in high demand.

Starting pay is estimated to be around $55,000 per year for chemists and could grow to as much as $120,000 per year depending on performance and seniority. Combine the salary with top-notch benefits, and working for the government could be a smart career path for chemistry majors who aren’t interested in the private sector.


The government currently has a large demand for auditors. Auditors are people who review agencies, from their spending to their personnel, and make recommendations about how they could be more efficient. Beyond just financial issues, auditors also play an important role in ensuring that various agencies are acting in a way that is compliant with laws and regulations.

To become an auditor, you’ll likely need at least a four-year degree in accounting. Some higher-paying auditor positions could even require a master’s degree in the field. The pay could range from $60,000 to $115,000 per year, depending on ability, education, and seniority. If you love systems and rules, then being an auditor could be a great fit.


If you want to make sure you’ve got job security for the foreseeable future, learn to code. Every organization needs computer scientists, programmers, and IT techs. The government, in particular, has a high demand for computer professionals, as they continue to shift into more modern systems for every aspect of their work.

Depending on your level of education in the field and your exact position, a programmer working for the government could earn between $60,000 and $165,000 per year. Requirements for such a role are typically a bachelor’s degree in the field of computing and a background in mathematics. If you’re working in a sensitive area, such as defense, you may also need to undergo background checks to get clearance.