What Are the Benefits for Working for the Government Instead of a Private Company?

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People joke about inefficiency, red tape, and outdated HR software systems a lot when the topic of government jobs comes up. However, there are numerous reasons for someone to look for a job with the US government or their state or local government instead of looking for employment in the private sector.

So, what are the biggest reasons to work in the public sector? Let’s take a look.

Pay and Benefits

The bottom line when it comes to any job is compensation. As great as your work might be, and as much as you might love what you do, there are very few people in this world who work for free. If you’re looking into a government job for the pay, then you’re in luck: most positions in the government do offer competitive salaries when compared to positions in the private sector. However, there are no positions in the government that can be compared to executives, however, so salaries in government positions have an upper cap that you generally can’t break past.

The other big factor of compensation when it comes to government work is the array of benefits. Federal health insurance, the amount of vacation time, and retirement benefits are all extremely competitive when compared to the private sector. These benefits alone are one of the main reasons people take government jobs.

Meaningful Work

Many jobs in the government are considered very meaningful by the people who work in those roles. Getting involved with the public sector often means working on projects that help people and make the United States run smoothly. This can be very rewarding for some employees, and many people seek out government positions due to their passion for their communities.

That’s not to say that meaningful positions don’t exist in the private sector. However, profit motivations don’t often light a fire under people the way that something attached to their deep-held beliefs can.

Variety of Jobs

There’s a very wide variety of jobs available for people who want to work in government. Additionally, there are positions open all over the country: every city and state has government positions, and the federal government has jobs available all over the country.

So, if you’re considering a job with the government, then you’re in luck. The work is meaningful, plentiful, and pays well when compared to the private sector. Don’t be afraid to turn your passion for your community into a career.