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protestors gather in downtown Orlando to show support for George Floyd

Weekend of Death and Violence in Democratic-Run Cities and States

The July 4 holiday weekend saw an outbreak of protests, property destruction, violence, shootings, and death, which included innocent children, all occurring in Democrat-run cities and states.

Unfortunately, President Trump’s Mount Rushmore comments about Democratic-run cities come true

On Thursday, July 3, President Donald Trump spoke from Mount Rushmore. During the speech, the president condemned those on “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children.” He went on to criticize the “cancel culture” and those who “deface our most sacred memorials, and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities” and some who “know exactly what they are doing.”

The president spoke out against the “left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow” the current American system.

In particular, President Trump addressed the cause behind the civil disobedience: “The violent mayhem we have seen in the streets of cities that are run by liberal Democrats, in every case, is the predictable result of years of extreme indoctrination and bias in education, journalism, and other cultural institutions.”

As news reports came in over the weekend, President Trump’s words became only too true. Violence in Democrat-run cities resulted in the death of many innocent children over the three day holiday.

Overview of weekend violence in Democrat-run cities that resulted in the deaths of innocent children

Here is a brief review of the violence that occurred in Democrat-run states and cities over the three-day July 4 holiday weekend.


At least 67 shot and 13 killed, including a 7-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy, Fox reported. The number was raised to 75, with 13 fatal, CNN reported. Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot blamed guns and coronavirus, Daily Wire reported.


8-year-old killed near a Wendy’s torched in an earlier BLM protest. Fox reported that Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who is also reportedly under consideration as a possible VP pick for Joe Biden, called for citizens to stop “shooting each other up on our streets” saying that “enough is enough.”

At least 5 children killed across the nation:

At least 5 children, all African-Americans, were killed over the three-day weekend, CNN reported. The deaths included an 8-year-old girl who was killed in Atlanta; an 11-year-old boy in Washington, D.C.; a 7-year-old girl in Chicago; and a 6-year-old boy shot in a “senseless homicide” in San Francisco.

New York:

63 shooting victims, CNN reported. Most of the shootings occurred in New York City. 49 shot, 8 dead in NYC over the holiday weekend, the New York Post reported.


11- and 12-year-old girls barely shot at a birthday pool party, 3 others wounded, Fox reports.


Violent protests continued for the 39th consecutive day, Oregon Live reported. Authorities declared a riot twice on Saturday, as protesters launched fireworks and other flammables at officers, burned American flags, broke courthouse windows with projectiles, forcing police to deploy teargas and crowd control munitions, CNN reported.

Parents of 8-year-old black girl killed in senseless Atlanta shooting speak out, slam Black Lives Matter

An 8-year-old girl, Secoriea Turner, was killed when a group of people opened fire on a car she was traveling in, Daily Wire reported.

During a press conference with Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Turner’s father spoke out about the senseless killing of the young girl: “They say black lives matter…You killed your own. You killed your own this time. They killed my baby because she crossed the barrier and made a U-turn. You killed a child. She didn’t do nothing to nobody.”

“They didn’t give us time to make a U-turn,” Turner’s mother added. “They started shooting at my car before we could even make a U-turn. Shooting my tires out, like why?”

“But black lives matter,” the father, injected sarcastically.

“My baby was shot,” the mother continued.

“Killing your own,” the father added. “You killed an 8-year-old child. She ain’t did nothing to no one of y’all. She just wanted to get home to see her cousin. That’s all she wanted to do. She just wanted to get home.”

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