Two States Introduce Major Bills against Woke Policies, Disney Targeted


The Florida Senate passes a bill stripping Disney of self-governing power, Sanders “has not ruled out another run for president,” PolitiFact runs cover for Biden, Tennessee introduces major pronoun bill to protect teachers.

Florida Senate passes bill to strip Disney of self-governing power and special tax status

Disney’s attempt to challenge Florida politics and a controversial parental rights bill has opened a can of worms that has come back to haunt them. On Wednesday, the Florida Senate approved a bill that will dissolve the special self-governing and tax status on its extensive property near Orlando that was given to Disney over 50 years ago, Fox reported.

The bill now goes to the House. If passed, Disney would lose its exemption from laws faced by regular Floridians, Breitbart reported

“Disney is a guest in Florida,” tweeted Fl. Representative Randy Fine. “Today, we remind them.”

Sanders “has not ruled out another run for president”

A top adviser to Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said the senator is open to running for the presidency in 2024 if President Biden declines to seek reelection, according to a campaign memo shared with the Washington Post.

“In the event of an open 2024 Democratic presidential primary, Sen. Sanders has not ruled out another run for president,” the memo states, “so we advise that you answer any questions about 2024 with that in mind.”

PolitiFact runs cover for Biden, social media critics slam attempt at gaslighting

By now, everyone has seen the video of Biden stepping away from a speech at a podium in North Carolina, extending his hand to shake empty air to shake with a nonexistent person, and then appearing confused.

Despite a well-distributed video showing this awkward moment, Politifact declared that the viral clip is “false.”

“You might have seen a clip of President Joe Biden’ shaking hands’ with thin air,” Politifact explained in a lengthy post on Twitter. “It never happened. Here’s the truth and how misinformers manufacture and embellish embarrassing presidential moments.”

The liberal-leaning fact-checking website was roasted by critics online at this poor attempt to gaslight everyone.

“How interesting is it that Politifact writes this ‘debunking’ but…never links to the clip,” tweeted the National Review’s Jeff Blehar, Fox reported.

Tennessee bill seeks to allow use of students’ biological pronouns to protect teachers

A new bill in Tennessee, if passed, will give teachers the right not to be forced or liable to use a student’s preferred pronoun that does not match their biological sex, Fox reports. The bill will protect teachers’ jobs and shield them from civil lawsuits.

The bill, known as SB 2777, will apply to all employees of public schools and local education agencies and states teachers would not be “civilly liable for using a pronoun that is consistent with the biological sex of the student to whom the teacher or employee is referring, even if the pronoun is not the student’s preferred pronoun.”

The bill states that teachers and other school employees would not be “subject to adverse employment action” if they failed to use a student’s preferred pronoun if it does not match their sex.