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Trump Will ‘Strongly Consider’ Testifying at Impeachment Hearing

President Donald Trump said in a tweet yesterday that “I like the idea” suggested by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that he testify at the House impeachment inquiry, saying he will “strongly consider it!”

Will Trump testify at impeachment hearing?

Trump tweeted: “Our Crazy, Do Nothing (where’s USMCA, infrastructure, lower drug pricing & much more?) Speaker of the House, Nervous Nancy Pelosi, who is petrified by her Radical Left knowing she will soon be gone (they & Fake N**s Media are her BOSS), suggested on Sunday’s DEFACE THE NATION……..

“that I testify about the phony Impeachment Witch Hunt. She also said I could do it in writing. Even though I did nothing wrong, and don’t like giving credibility to this No Due Process Hoax, I like the idea & will, in order to get Congress focused again, strongly consider it!”

Poll: Majority of Americans say impeachment inquiry hearings won’t change their minds

No matter what testimony occurs during the house impeachment hearings, an overwhelming majority of Americans already have their minds made up about impeachment.

Overall, Americans are split on whether they believe President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office. They are also equally split on their approval of the impeachment inquiry.

When asked whether what testimony they’ve heard so far influenced them, again, Americans were nearly equally split as to being “more likely” versus “less likely” to support impeachment.

More testimony won’t change most American’s minds

But when it comes to whether additional testimony will change their minds for or against impeachment, the majority of Americans said “no.”

In other words, Americans already have their minds made up and further testimony won’t change that.

The latest NPR/PBS/Marist poll asked this question:

“Can you imagine any information or circumstances during the impeachment inquiry where you might change your mind about your position on impeachment?”

65% of Americans answered “no,” 6% were “unsure” and only 30% replied “yes.”

Along party lines, the answer was “no” for 68% of Democrats, 73% of Republicans and 56% of Independents, who were also the most open-minded of the parties, having the largest number of voters whom answered “yes,” with 39% affirming that they might be persuaded to have their minds changed.

T. Vernon Walsh

T. Vernon Walsh

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