Trump Tax Returns: Deutsche Bank Destroyed Records, Former Exec says


Democrats in Congress may have hit a snag in their attempt to get a look at President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Deutsche Bank told the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals that it doesn’t have them.

Former Deutsche Bank Exec Says Trump’s Financial Records are Destroyed

A former executive of Deutsche Bank says the financial institution no longer holds copies of those records and may have destroyed the physical copies.

“The circumstance could be that they returned any physical copies or destroyed any physical copies under an agreement with a client and cleansed their servers, not normal though,” the former unnamed executive said in a transcript of a conversation he had with the finance editor of the NY Times, who posted a screenshot to Twitter.

On Monday of this week, a federal judge ruled that accounting firm Mazars USA, LLP should provide Trump’s tax returns and other financial records over to investigators at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

However, on Tuesday President Trump was granted a last-minute reprieve in delivering his tax records to NY prosecutors. The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit granted a stay.

A panel of appellate judges will hear the case next on an expedited basis and then issue a ruling.

Prosecutors are trying to get at eight years of President Trump’s financial records.

The probe into Trump’s tax records involves a “hush money” payment to a former porn star who allegedly had an affair with the president.

Ukraine Whistleblower Seeks to Testify in Writing, Rather Than Appearing in Person

The unnamed and unidentified whistleblower in the Ukraine-Trump phone call that is at the center of the house Democratic impeachment inquiry is requesting to testify to Congress in writing, rather than appearing in person, according to the latest report.

Attorneys for the anonymous CIA officer have issued a request to Congress asking if the lawmakers will allow the whistleblower to submit written testimony.

Congress has yet to respond.

Democrats are trying to protect the identity of the whistleblower, both in terms of personal safety and to avoid scrutiny from the media.

Conversely, President Trump and members of the Republican Party believe the President has the right to confront his accuser.

Further, Republicans allege that the whistleblower may have partisan motives.

The attorneys for the whistleblower have acknowledged that the unidentified CIA officer is a registered Democrat and works with at least one of the 2020 candidates.

Speculation is widely suggesting that the candidate is Joe Biden.