President Donald Trump has signed a bipartisan bill that will permanently restore funding to the nation’s historically Black colleges and universities ensuring protections and more of today’s top stories in conservative politics.

President Donald Trump signs bill to permanently fund black colleges

Keeping a promise he made a few months ago, President Donald Trump has signed legislation, known as the Future Act, a bipartisan bill that will provide permanent funding of more than $250 million per year to America’s historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), as well as dozens of other institutions that serve large shares of minority students, according to the Associated Press wire service & USNReport.

“When I took office, I promised to fight for HBCUs, and my administration continues to deliver,” Trump said. “A few months ago, funding for HBCUs was in jeopardy. But the White House and Congress came together and reached a historic agreement.”

Trump added that historically black schools have “never had better champions in the White House.”

Nevada judge to rule on Friday in Trump campaign election fraud lawsuit

Some eye-opening allegations were made by attorneys who spoke to a Nevada judge on Thursday as they sought to prove election fraud in the state and overturn certification of the election there, 8Now Las Vegas reported. The lawyers said that they had the following evidence, among others, to prove that:

  • 42,284 voters who voted twice.
  • Nearly 30,000 voters were registered at non-residential addresses, vacant addresses, or non-existent addresses, The Federalist
  • 2,468 votes by voters who changed their address to another state or country.
  • 1,506 votes cast in the election came from dead voters.

“In the dead of night, votes appeared and votes reappeared without explanation, and there is no good explanation,” attorney Jesse Binnall said. The lawyer also told the judge that the evidence, which was not shown publicly, was partially obtained through DMV records, adding it was difficult to obtain other evidence in a short timeframe.

Federal court appeals expedited review of voting machines in Georgia

A Federal Appeals Ct. in Georgia has agreed to fast-track attorney Sidney Powell’s request for a forensic examination of Dominion voting machines in three counties in the state, the Daily Wire reports.

Last week, a judge in the state also issued an order restricting officials from resetting or erasing Dominion Election Systems voting machines because of the lawsuit.

Flynn shares petition calling for Trump to declare martial law, hold an election re-vote overseen by the military

Former national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn promoted and shared a petition this week, alongside a letter which calls for President Trump to declare martial law, temporarily suspending the Constitution for the purpose of a national re-vote for the 2020 election that is overseen by the military, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Freedom never kneels except for God,” Flynn wrote in a tweet along with the petition advertising the We The People Convention.

Trump releases video address to the nation: “This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made.”

President Donald Trump released a 45-minute video on social media on Wednesday speaking out against voter fraud and other irregularities in the 2020 election, while outlining his case for the allegations, the Western Journal reported, while also posting an excerpt of the video.

“This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made,” Trump said at the start of the video. “If we don’t root out the fraud, the tremendous and horrible fraud that’s taken place in our 2020 election, we don’t have a county anymore,” he said. During the video, Trump challenged the integrity of voting in several crucial swing states.