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Trump Says Pence Will Remain on 2020 Ticket

President Donald Trump put an end to widespread rumors that he was considering changing his running mate ahead of the 2020 election saying of Vice President Mike Pence: “He’s our man 100 percent.”

Plus, Trump makes unannounced visit to US troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving, announces peace talks with the Taliban have resumed.

Mike Pence will remain Trump’s 2020 running mate

Persistent rumors have circulated that former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley might replace Pence as Trump’s running mate in the next election. But President Trump dispelled the notion that he would be changing running mates in 2020.

“I know I’ve seen this rumor that keeps popping up,” Trump acknowledged during an interview with Fox & Friends, “and Nikki would be great, but Mike Pence has done a phenomenal job as vice president. He’s our guy, he’s my friend, and look, we have a great team.”

“Mike Pence is a great vice president,” Trump added. “He’s our man 100 percent.”

Trump makes unannounced visit to US troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving, serves up turkey dinners

President Donald Trump surprised US troops in Afghanistan with an unannounced Thanksgiving Day visit. It is Trump’s first visit to the country. Trump served up turkey dinners to troops at Bagram Air Field.

“There is nowhere that I’d rather celebrate this Thanksgiving than right here with the toughest, strongest best and bravest warriors on the face of the Earth,” President Trump told soldiers. “We flew 8,331 miles to be here tonight for one simple reason, to tell you in person that this Thanksgiving is a special Thanksgiving.”

“I want peace more than anybody,” Trump told the soldiers. “We are winning like we haven’t won in a long time.”

The President then went on to vow to bring American troops home.

“We will continue to work tirelessly until the day when we can bring each and every one of you home and safe to your family,” Trump said, “and that day is coming.”

Trump announces peace talks with Taliban have resumed

Turn his surprise visit to Afghanistan on Thanksgiving, President Trump announced that the US has resumed its peace talks with the Taliban. The announcement comes three months after Trump scuttled negotiations with the Afghan insurgents after a terror attack killed eleven people, including one US soldier.

“We’re going to stay until such time as we have a deal, or we have total victory, and they want to make to make a deal very badly,” Trump said speaking from Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan. “The Taliban wants to make a deal — we’ll see if they make a deal. If they do, they do, and if they don’t they don’t. That’s fine.”

T. Vernon Walsh

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