Trump Says Coronavirus Has Peaked, Some States Will Reopen Before May 1


President Donald Trump said that the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States has now passed and that some states will be open before his proposed May 1 deadline.

Plus, impeachment 2.0? Pelosi says Trump’s action on WHO funds “illegal,” and more of today’s top stories in conservative politics.

US coronavirus peaks, some states to reopen before May 1, Trump says

The latest data suggests that, nationwide, the United States has passed the peak on emerging coronavirus cases.

“These developments have put us in a strong position to finalize guidelines for states opening the country, which we will be announcing tomorrow,” President Donald Trump said from the Rose Garden during the daily briefing of the Coronavirus Task Force at the White House on Wednesday.

“We will be announcing guidelines. We will be talking about various states. It’s very exciting.”

“We’ll be opening up states, some sooner than others,” Trump continued, revealing that some states could reopen before his previously stated goal of May 1. The president added that many governors were “chomping [sic] at the bit” to reopen.

Impeachment 2.0? Pelosi says Trump withholding WHO funding is “illegal” and will be “swiftly challenged”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that President Donald Trump’s announcement that he will be putting a hold on funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) is “illegal” and is vowing that the move will be “swiftly challenged.”

“This is another case, as I have said, of the President’s ineffective response, that ‘a weak person, a poor leader, takes no responsibility,'” Pelosi said in a statement. “A weak person blames others. This decision is dangerous, illegal and will be swiftly challenged.”

House Democrats say the halting of WHO funding by President Trump violates the same law as the aid freeze to Ukraine, the same move that prompted his impeachment.

5.245 million file jobless claims, as unemployed hit 22 million

The stay-at-home lockdown of Americans is continuing to drive higher and higher rates of unemployment. The latest figures by the Labor Department show that the number of first-time jobless claims totaled 5.245 million for the second week of April.

The latest additions drive the overall number of those applying for unemployment benefits in the United States to just over 22 million, according to the Department of Labor.

CA Gov announces $125 million fund for coronavirus aid for illegal immigrants

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a plan to provide a one-time cash payment of $500 in coronavirus financial assistance to 150,000 illegal immigrants.

The state has established a $125 million fund, $75 million of which comes from state coffers with the remaining $50 million coming from a network of foundations dedicated to immigration issues.

The 150,000 illegal immigrants only make up a small portion of the estimated 3 million unauthorized migrants in California.