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Trump Preps for Campaign Trail, New Poll Shows He Would Dominate Race

Former President Donald Trump is preparing to hit the 2024 campaign trail, gearing up for upcoming rallies, while a new poll shows he would dominate the race, plus more top stories in conservative politics.

Trump Looks Toward the 2024 Campaign Trail

Former President Donald Trump is expected to begin holding rallies again as early as next month, with the first expected in North Carolina. Trump is slated to headline the North Carolina Republican Party’s annual convention in Greenville on Saturday, June 5, speaking during dinner, Fox reported.

Last Friday, Trump announced that his Boeing 757, which he used during his 2016 White House campaign, “is now being fully restored and updated and will be put back into service sometime prior to the end of the year.”

A number of high-profile Republicans aren’t holding back their intentions of running in 2024, whether Trump decides to run again or not. Among those are former two-term GOP governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and former US ambassador to the United Nations and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley.

Poll: Trump Would Dominate If He Runs in 2024

A poll taken in May 2021 found that if former President Donald Trump were to be the Republican party candidate and ran against Vice President Kamala Harris as the Democratic party candidate in 2024, he would dominate the race.

The poll found that an overwhelming 83 percent of Republican voters would choose Trump. Trump would take the majority lead by 57 percent over other potential Republican candidates including former Vice President Mike Pence, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

By comparison, Harris was favored over other Democratic opponents with 35 percent support, even over former first lady Michelle Obama who received 16 percent.

The poll found that 48 percent of voters viewed Kamala Harris unfavorably, with 47 viewing her as favorable.

Trump to Appear on Debut of Dan Bongino Radio Show on May 24

Former President Donald Trump will make an appearance on the debut of the Dan Bongino radio show on May 24. The show airs Monday through Friday from 12 PM-3 PM ET. The episode featuring Trump airs on Monday.

Bongino’s show takes over the three-hour slot that was formerly held by the late Rush Limbaugh.

Bongino also has a podcast that is one of the top-ranking conservative shows in the country.

Texas Governor to Make It a Felony for Protesters to Obstruct Emergency Vehicles

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has pledged to sign a bill that makes it a felony for protesters to purposely obstruct emergency vehicles that are flashing lights and sirens from passing a roadway or entering a hospital. The bill is known as “house bill 9” and was passed by the Texas Senate 25-5. The bill was previously passed by the House by a vote of 90-55. Over the weekend, Abbott said he would sign the bill into law when it reaches his desk, the Blaze reported.

Last September, protesters blocked emergency vehicles that were carrying two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies from the entrances and exits of a local hospital. In Berkeley, a man died waiting for paramedics to arrive after protesters blocked the streets of the city, the Daily Wire reported.

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