Trump Has Reached a Decision About 2024

Former President Donald Trump says he’s reached a decision about 2024, Fauci to retire, Senator Cruz says SCOTUS’ decision “clearly wrong” on gay marriage, Nikki Haley hints at 2024 run? Plus, more in conservative politics.

Trump says he’s made up his mind about 2024

Will he or won’t? That is the question. Former President Donald Trump says he has reached a decision about running for the White House again in 2024, revealing his plan to New York Magazine. The only question remaining for Trump is when to announce his “big decision,” FOX8 reported.

“Well, in my own mind, I’ve already made that decision, so nothing factors in anymore,” Trump said in the interview. “In my own mind, I’ve already made that decision… Do I go before or after [the midterms]?” Trump continued. “That will be my big decision.”

He thought aloud about what announcing his decision might do if he made the announcement before the midterms.

“I think a lot of people would not even run if I did that because, if you look at the polls, they don’t even register – most of these people,” Trump pondered. “And I think that you would actually have a backlash against them if they ran. People want me to run.”

Fauci to retire by end of Biden’s term

Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical officer to the president of the United States, who has spent five decades in federal service under seven presidents, announced he will retire by the end of President Biden’s term, according to a new report published Monday by Politico.

The disease fighter wants to put the politicization of the country’s pandemic response behind him. “We’re in a pattern now… Almost at a steady state,” Fauci said, referring to the pandemic. “I think we’re going to be living with this.”

In December of last year, Fauci was the highest paid employee in the federal government and qualified for an annual retirement package of more than $350,000, which would increase through annual cost-of-living adjustments, according to auditors at ForbesFox reported.

Did Nikki Haley hint at a 2024 run?

Comments by Nikki Haley, former US ambassador to the United Nations, is rousing speculation that in 2024 she will run for presidency. Haley made the comments during a speech at the Christians United for Israel summit held just outside Washington D.C., in which he referred to the next president as “her.”

In a tweet, Haley also reiterated the “her” statement writing: “And if this president signs any sort of deal, I’ll make you a promise…The next President will shred it – on her first day in office. #CUFISummit2022”

Ted Cruz: SCOTUS’ gay marriage decision “clearly wrong”

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, during his show “Verdict with Ted Cruz” on Saturday, said the decision by the US Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage at the federal level was “clearly wrong.”

“So look, Obergefell, like Roe v. Wade, ignored two centuries of our nation’s history,” Cruz said, the New York Post reported. “Marriage was always an issue that was left to the states.”

“Some states were moving to allow gay marriage, other states were moving to allow civil partnerships,” Cruz continued, pointing out the state of gay marriage before the court’s decision. “They were different standards that the states were adopting.”

However, Cruz appears to indicate he thinks it would be a mess if the court tried to change the ruling.

“You’ve got a ton of people who have entered into gay marriages,” Cruz noted, “and it would be more than a little chaotic for the court to do something that somehow disrupted those marriages.”

Instead, Cruz, who graduated from Harvard Law School, said the court needs to consider more precedents in the future.

“In future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell,” Cruz added.

Betsy DeVos calls for abolishment of Department of Education

Betsy DeVos, former US Secretary of Education under former President Donald Trump, is calling for the Department of Education to be abolished.

DeVos spoke at the “Moms for Liberty” summit arguing that the federal government should be removed from education, which should be managed by state and local governments, Breitbart reported. The foremost focus of the summit was on how conservatives could win majorities in local school board elections with an aim to empower parental rights.

DeVos applauded the service of good teachers, including those at the summit, but she blasted teachers’ unions as a “K-12 cartel.”