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Trump Counsel’s Scathing Letter: Won’t Participate in Impeachment Hearing

In a scathing five-page letter, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone informed House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., that President Donald Trump will not participate in the first impeachment hearing scheduled for Wednesday, but said the White House could possibly take part in future proceedings.

Plus, are Google and YouTube silencing conservative voices again? Over 300 Trump political ads taken down.

“All” of Trump’s due process rights violated, White House counsel says

In the lengthy letter, Cipollone asserted that the house impeachment had violated “all” of Trump’s due process rights.

“This baseless and highly partisan inquiry violates all past historical precedent, basic due process rights, and fundamental fairness,” Cipollone wrote.

“As for the hearing scheduled for December 4, we cannot fairly be expected to participate in a hearing while the witnesses are yet to be named and while it remains unclear whether the Judiciary Committee will afford the president a fair process through additional hearings,”

Cipollone added. “More importantly, an invitation to an academic discussion with law professors does not begin to provide the President with any semblance of a fair process. Accordingly, under the current circumstances, we do not intend to participate in your Wednesday hearing.”

“When the Judiciary Committee scheduled a similar hearing during the Clinton impeachment process, it allowed those questioning the witnesses two-and-a-half weeks’ notice to prepare, and it scheduled the hearing on a date suggested by the president’s attorneys,” Cipollone continued.

“Today, by contrast, you have afforded the president no scheduling input, no meaningful information and so little time to prepare that you have effectively denied the administration a fair opportunity to participate.”

Over 300 Trump ads taken down by Google and YouTube – won’t say why

Undercover video by project Veritas already revealed Google execs pushing an anti-Trump agenda.

Now an investigation by 60 Minutes found that YouTube and its parent company Google took down over 300 Trump political ads, mostly over the summer.

Google and YouTube removed over 300 political ads without detailing what actual policies the ads violated. Not only that, 60 Minutes said that the ads the social media networks determined were offended were not available to be screened.

In the CBS report, 60 Minutes said: “We found very little transparency in the transparency report.”

In an interview with 60 Minutes Leslie Stahl, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki responded to a question about discrimination against conservatives by saying: “Well, first of all there are lots of very successful conservative creators on YouTube.”

“Our systems, our algorithms, they don’t have any concept of understanding what’s a Democrat, what’s a Republican,” Wojcicki added. “They don’t have any concept of political bias built into them in any way.”

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