Trump Claims Unprecedented Fundraising Haul, Vows to Fight Release of Tax Returns


Political Action Committees (PAC) for former President Donald Trump have raised “unprecedented” amounts, while his attorneys vow to block the release of his tax returns, and Sarah Palin to run for Senate?

Trump has “virtually unprecedented” fundraising haul

Six months out of office, former President Donald Trump took in over $82 million in donations for the first half the year, Politico reported, calling the amount “virtually unprecedented.”

The Western Journal wrote: “Between Trump’s Save America PAC and the Make America Great Again PAC, the 45th president has more than $100 million on hand to shape next year’s campaigns.”

Politico’s staff writers wrote: “Never in history has a former president banked nine figures’ worth of donations to power a political operation.”

Despite being banned from social media and fending off attacks from political opponents on both sides of the aisle, and unrelenting negative coverage from the press, the fundraising shows none of these efforts have dampened the appeal of the former president with a large section of the American public, the Western Journal wrote.

Trump attorneys vow to block the release of his tax returns

One of Donald Trump’s attorneys, Ronald Fischetti is vowing to block the release of the former President’s tax returns. The effort comes days after the Department of Justice ordered them turned over to the Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee, The Hill reported.

“There is no evidence of any wrongdoing here and I object to the release of the returns not only on behalf of my client but on behalf of all future holders of the office of the president of the United States,” Fischetti told the Wall Street Journal.

Last Friday, acting Assistant Attorney General Dawn Johnsen from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel sent a memo saying the Treasury Department is required to defer to the congressional committee.

“The statute at issue here is unambiguous: ‘Upon written request’ of the chairman of one of the three congressional tax committees, the Secretary ‘shall furnish’ the requested tax information to the Committee,” Johnson wrote in the memo.

Attorneys for Trump have expressed interest in having their arguments heard in court before the returns are turned over to the Ways and Means Committee.

A federal judge in Washington, D.C. has ordered that Trump’s lawyers be given 72-hours notice before any of the former president’s tax returns are handed over to the committee. That order is set to expire on Tuesday.

Sarah Palin may run for Senate in Alaska

At a leadership conference last month, Sarah Palin didn’t rule out the possibility of making a run for Senate to unseat the state’s current Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, Occupy Democrats reported.

“I do need prayer about whether I should or not,” Palin said. If God wants me to do it, I will.”

“I would say you guys better be there for me this time,” Palin added, “because a lot of people were not there for me last time.”

Some in the Republican Party are unhappy with Murkowski for her actions such as voting to impeach Trump over the January 6 insurrection, as well as her voting against confirming Justice Brett Kavanaugh.