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trump can legally reveal who the whistleblower is
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Trump Can Legally Reveal Whistleblower, Experts Say

Legal experts say that President Donald Trump can legally identify the whistleblower that sparked the impeachment inquiry.

Trump can legally identify whistleblower, Congress not so much

Identifying the whistleblower who filed the complaint regarding a phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine’s president would not violate any federal criminal statutes according to legal experts, which include four former top federal government officials who worked in national security and intelligence.

In recent days, Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) has also said he could legally reveal who the whistleblower is. However, legal experts say – not so fast for members of Congress identifying the whistleblower.

They say that any member of Congress who identifies the whistleblower could face legislative sanctions or be removed from committees. In addition, they could also face a civil lawsuit from the whistleblower’s legal team.

Federal whistleblower protection laws

One of the main things that federal whistleblower protection laws help protect is any retaliation against the whistleblower in the workplace. While the act of unmasking a whistleblower is not unlawful, unless the person is a covert agent, workplace retaliation is a federal crime.

Tucson voters reject sanctuary city measure by overwhelming numbers

A measure that sought to turn the city of Tucson Arizona, one of the state’s most liberal cities, into Arizona’s only sanctuary city was overwhelmingly rejected by voters.

From its inception, the measure known as Proposition 205 drew fierce opposition from Tucson’s Mayor and City Council, who are actually all Democrats, but said the initiative put public safety at risk, as well as risking millions of dollars that the city gets from state and federal governments.

They were also concerned that the measure went too far in restricting police officers, by prohibiting their ability to inquire about immigration status or to cooperate with federal law enforcement.

Tucson has a majority Latino community.

Nonetheless, it’s most likely that the chief concern among Democratic city leaders was losing federal funds, as President Donald Trump has taken a strong stance in restricting federal funding to cities that refused to cooperate in federal immigration enforcement.

A few Arizona Republican state lawmakers have said they plan on pursuing legislation to punish Tucson, as the state has the ability to cut off funding for cities that pass laws that conflict with Arizona laws.

Tucson voters also elected their first Latina Mayor, Regina Romero, who was also the first woman to lead Arizona’s second-largest city. Romero is a Democrat who was also opposed to the sanctuary city legislation.

“Donald Trump Highway” new bill seeks to rename highway

Two Republican senators have introduced a bill that seeks to rename a portion of the world-famous route 66 Highway as the “President Donald J. Trump Highway” in northeastern Oklahoma.

The bill introduced by Oklahoma Republican Sens. Nathan Dahm and Marty Quinn, who want to rename an approximately 13-mile stretch of Route sixty-six that spans from the town of Miami through the town of Commerce, to industrial Parkway.

According to the lawmakers, no taxpayer money will be used to pay for the change of signage, which will instead be funded by the authors and co-authors of the bill from the Senate and the House.

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