Trump Approval Rating, NY Access to Trump Tax Returns and More Top Political Stories

Here are the top stories happening in politics for today…

President Trump reaches 44 % approval rating, still criticized for un-presidential behavior

In an ABC/Washington Post poll published on July 7, the approval rating of President Donald Trump climbed to 44 percent, 5 points higher than April, and the highest mark he has achieved yet in his presidency.

He scored high marks on the economy, with 51% of American saying he is doing a good job economically and 47% saying he deserves most of the credit.

However, Trump also scored some negative marks. A majority of Americans, 53%, disapprove of the job he is doing. By far, the highest disapproval rating for Trump is the 65% who say he is not acting in a way that is “fitting and proper for a president.” In January 2018, 70% felt Trump was un-presidential.

NY Gov. bill allowing Congress access to Trump’s state tax returns

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill allowing certain members of Congress access to President Donald Trump’s New York State tax returns.

In a statement, Cuomo said that the “bill gives Congress the ability to fulfill its Constitutional responsibilities, strengthen our democratic system and ensure that no one is above the law.” The governor added that “tax secrecy is paramount – the exception being for bonafide investigative and law enforcement purposes.”

Pelosi’s daughter warns well-known Politicians may be implicated in Epstein sex trafficking

The daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Christine Pelosi, who is a Democratic National Committee official, issued a warning on Saturday after reports broke that politically connected billionaire and financier Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested on charges of sex-trafficking minors. The charges include accusations of paying underage girls for massages and sexually abusing them.

Over the weekend, Christine Pelosi wrote on Twitter: “This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice. It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may – whether on Republicans or Democrats.”

Court documents show that, in 2016, former President Bill Clinton took at least 26 strips flying aboard Epstein’s private jet, which as alleged to have the sexually-infused nickname of the “Lolita Express.” A 72-acre private estate in the Virgin Islands owned by Epstein is alleged to go by the nickname of “Orgy Island.”

Rep. King: “Serious abuses” by FBI, CIA in Russia probe “going to come out”

Representative Peter King (R-New York) expressed that he is “confident” that after Attorney General William Barr concludes investigating the origins of the investigation into President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign that it will be revealed that the FBI and the CIA, under the Obama administration, engaged in foul play.

“There was no legal basis at all for them to begin the investigation of his campaign,” King said after the holiday, “and the way they carried it forward and the way information was leaked, the improper applications they filed in the FISA court to get surveillance, all of this is going to come out.”

Trump congratulates US women’s soccer team on victory despite their disrespect

The US women’s soccer team gave America its first World Cup victory, outscoring their opponents 26-3. However, the team’s string of victories was not without controversy. Other nations widely condemned them for their behavior on the field.

The team brought politics into the game when lesbian player Megan Rapinoe protested the national anthem by taking a knee, which she called a “good F-You” to Trump, while also declaring that she would not be “going to the F–king White House” if the team won the World Cup.

During a network broadcast of the World Cup championship game, the crowd behind a reporter audibly chanted “F–K Trump!”

The team was also criticized for disrespecting the American flag. Allie Long was dragging the flag on the ground when Rapinoe motioned for her to get rid of the flag, so Long responded by dropping it on the ground between her legs.

However, player Kelley O’Hara spotted Old Glory and quickly rescued it from the turf and raised it, earning praise on social media.

Despite all the controversy, President Donald Trump took the high road after the team’s World Cup victory, writing on Twitter: “Congratulations to the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team on winning the World Cup! Great and exciting play. America is proud of you all!”

Trump makes Fox his latest media target

President Donald Trump has lavishly praised the reporting of Fox in the past, but now he has turned his angst on the broadcaster, accusing it of beginning to lean to the left.

Trump pummeled the network in a series of tweets. Trump said that watching the weekend anchors on Fox was “worse than watching… CNN.” Continuing, Trump wrote that Fox was “changing fast,” “loading up with Democrats & even using fake unsourced @NY times as a ‘source’ of information” and that Fox has forgotten “the people who got them there.”