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Top Conservatives Call Out Democrat Hypocrisy in LA Sheriff’s Ambush

Scott Walker, former Wisconsin Governor, called out Kamala Harris for visiting Jacob Blake but not ambushed LA deputies in her own state, while Black radio host Larry Elder condemns Democrats for laying the groundwork.

Ex-Gov Walker calls out Harris four visit to Jacob Blake in WI but not ambushed cops in own state of CA

Former Wisconsin Governor (R) Scott Walker took note of the apparent hypocrisy Democrats actions to the ambush shootings of two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in Compton on Saturday.

Walker noted how Kamala Harris made a visit to Jacob Blake who was shot by police in Kenosha Wisconsin, but has not visited the critically injured deputies, who both took shots to the head while sitting in their patrol car, in her own home state of California.

Walker tweeted: “Will @kamalaharris visit deputies who were shot (31-year-old mom & 24 year-old) in her state? She visited someone in WI who was charged with felony 3rd-degree sexual assault and said she was proud of him. She & @JoeBiden need to side with law enforcement and denounce radicals.”

Roughly an hour and a half before Walker tweeted, the Daily Wire reported, Harris had tweeted: “Doug and I are keeping the two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in our hearts as they currently fight for their lives after a horrific attack last night. The perpetrator must be brought to justice.”

Joe Biden also tweeted the following: “This cold-blooded shooting is unconscionable and the perpetrator must be brought to justice. Violence of any kind is wrong; those who commit it should be caught and punished. Jill and I are keeping the deputies and their loved ones in our hearts and praying for a full recovery.”

Anti-police protesters chanted “we hope they die” outside hospital and blocked access to emergency room

First responders transported the two ambushed LA County Sheriff’s deputies to St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood for treatment. Protesters gathered outside of the hospital.

The angry mob blocked the emergency room entrance while yelling: “We hope they die.” Law enforcement dispatched officers to disperse protesters who were blocking the entrance and exit to the hospital emergency room, which was preventing access for ambulances.

Conservative black radio host lays down facts in number of police shootings, calls out BLM, Obama, DNC, CNN, MSNBC, Sharpton

Black radio host Larry Elder, a conservative and a long-time Los Angeles area figure known as “the Sage from South Central,” called out a number of liberal figures and organizations for laying the groundwork that he believes led to the ambush shooting of two LA County Sheriff’s deputies in Compton on Saturday.

Elder tweeted: “Thanks ‪#BlackLivesMatter‪@BarackObama; ‪@DNC; ‪@CNN; ‪@MSNBC; ‪@TheRevAl; condescending ‘woke’ media; condescending ‘woke’ academia; and condescending ‘woke’ Hollywood for pushing the lie that cops kill blacks just because they’re black. This is the result. Happy?”

Elder lays down actual facts on the numbers of police shootings

The Daily Wire reported on a recent episode of the Larry Elder show in which the host recited actual statistics on the number of police shootings, in particular, those involving white officers shooting black suspects.

“In recent years, the police have killed an average of a thousand people each year,” Elder said in response to a caller. “This is in a population of 350 million Americans. Some 40 million are black; I’ve heard the number 35, 35, 32, it’s around in there, okay?”

“In the last 60-years, according to the Centers for Disease Control, the rate at which people have shot and killed blacks declined 75% percent,” Elder continued. “Last year, near as we can figure out, there were 25 unarmed black people killed, not just shot and killed, but killed by many other ways. 25. At least as many unarmed whites have been killed by the police as unarmed blacks. Where’s the outcry?”

“Of all the people police killed, less than 4% are ‘white cop killing unarmed black person,” Elder added. “And again, unarmed person does not necessarily mean ‘not dangerous.’ Michael Brown was unarmed, was perceived recently as dangerous.  His DNA was found on the officer’s gun.”

“Just because you are unarmed, does not necessarily mean that you were not reasonably perceived as dangerous,” Elder pointed out.  “So when you get down to those that were unarmed and were not reasonably perceived as dangerous, you’re talking about a tiny, tiny fraction.  Even less than the 4% of all the people that were killed by the police.”

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