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Supreme Court Allows Trump to Deny Migrant Asylum and More

Here are some of the top stories making headlines in politics for today:

Supreme Court allows denial of asylum to migrants at southern border

A policy by the Trump administration, aimed at curbing migrants from Central America claiming asylum at the US-Mexico border, has gained support from the Supreme Court.

The nation’s highest legal body has ruled that migrants arriving at the southern border and seeking asylum must first seek refugee status in one of the countries they traveled through to be eligible for asylum in the US.

US will not grant temporary protected status to Bahamians fleeing Hurricane Dorian

People displaced by Hurricane Dorian who are fleeing the Bahamas will not be granted temporary protective status in the United States by the Trump administration. The status would have allowed Bahamians the ability to work and live in the US until it was deemed safe to return to the island.

Currently, there are already over 300,000 people living in the US from ten countries who were granted temporary protective status.

While people coming from the Bahamas will be allowed to enter the US temporarily, providing they have the correct travel documents, they will not be granted work permits.

Trump administration is planning to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes

In the wake of mysterious illnesses and deaths from vaping, the Trump administration said it is planning on banning the sale of non-tobacco-flavored electronic cigarettes. “A lot of people think vaping is wonderful, is great…It’s really not,” Trump said. “We have to find out the extent of the problems…it’s so new…but we’re going to find out.”

Three days ago, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a public warning urging people to cease the use of vaping products while the agency investigates the cause of vape lung.

145 leading CEOs send letter to Senate urging Congress to pass gun-control legislation

A letter signed by 145 of the top CEOs in corporate America sent a letter to the Republican-controlled Senate asking it to pass gun-control legislation already introduced by Democrats. The letter is seeking the passage of legislation that would require background checks on all gun sales in the creation of a strong Red Flag law.

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