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Economy Adds 195k Jobs, Lowered Recession Fears and More Politics

Here are some of the top stories making headlines in politics for today: Economy strong as 195K jobs added in August; Texas Governor issues 8 executive orders to prevent mass shootings; Sarah Sanders memoir to be published; GOP to cancel 4 primaries.

Economy strong as 195K private-sector jobs added in August

A strong deterrent to recession fears emerged as the ADP and Moody’s Analytics released their jobs report yesterday. One of the crucial earmarks of a strong and stable economy is private sector employment, and in August it added 195,000 jobs. It’s a clear sign that the labor market remains intact.

Businesses are holding firm on payrolls and layoffs remain low. Experts say that as long as this trend continues, a recession will remain at bay.

Texas Governor Abbott issues 8 executive orders aimed at mass shooting prevention

In the wake of two mass shootings in August, which left 29 people dead, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued eight executive orders aimed at stopping potential mass shooters by strengthening reporting techniques and closing what he called the “information gap.”

However, the governor conceded that the new orders are a “starting point in the process to keep the Texas community safe” and “legislative action” will still be needed. Former Texas representative and Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke criticized the executive orders tweeting: “Not one of these orders mentions guns.”

Sarah Sanders memoir to be released at election time 2020

Saint Martin’s Press announced yesterday that it will publish a new memoir from former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about her time in the Trump administration. The yet-to-be-titled book is slated for release at election time, the fall of 2020.

Sanders served as Press Secretary for the Trump administration for two years, from July 2017 to July 2019. Rumors are also circulating that Sanders is planning to run for governor of Arkansas in 2022.

Republicans plan to cancel 4 primaries, Trump challengers say unfair

Four states: Kansas, Nevada, Arizona, and South Carolina are planning on canceling their 2020 Republican presidential primaries and caucuses after meetings this weekend. Should these cancellations occur, they will deal a strong blow to Republican challengers to President Donald Trump. Challengers are calling the proposed cancellations unfair.

“Trump and his allies and the Republican National Committee are doing whatever they can do to eliminate primaries in certain states and make it very difficult for primary challengers to get on the ballot in a number of states,” said 2020 Trump Challenger and former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL).

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