Socialism is Now Supported by 43% of Americans

Is America headed for socialism? 43% of Americans now think socialism would be good for the country, according to a new Gallup survey.

4 in 10 Americans embrace some form of socialism

The results of a new Gallup poll taken this week found that 43 percent of Americans believed that socialism, in some form, would be good for the country.

This same survey asked if respondents believed whether most nations would have democratic, socialist or communist governments within the next 50 years. 29% believed most of the world will have socialist governments within 50 years or less.

51% of Americans say socialism would be bad for US

Slightly over half of Americans are not in favor of socialism and say it “would be a bad thing for the country.”

Only 6 percent of respondents had no opinion.

The definition of socialism has changed, 57% of Democrats have positive view

According to research done by Gallup, the way Americans view and define socialism has changed over the years.

Today, almost 25% associate socialism with social equality. Moreover, 57% of Democrats view socialism positively, according to Gallup.

Only 17% of Americans associate socialism with its classical definition, which is, when government has some degree of control over the means of production.

Government control or free market?

Even though 43% of Americans thought some form of socialism was good, Americans still favor free-market control over government control on numerous issues, including the economy, wages, the distribution of wealth, health care and technological innovation.

There was only one area where Americans preferred government control: Protecting online privacy and the environment.

Should we believe this Poll? Different poll, different results.

Another survey published earlier this month by Monmouth University had markedly different results, with 57% saying socialism was not compatible with American values.