Should Religion Be in Politics?


It’s a common question among the faithful: Should religion have a role in politics? Of course, the US is run on the principles of the separation of church and state, so this is a bit of a complex question.

Today, we’re deferring to an expert on the topic of religion, Larry Duffany, Jr. Professor Duffany is both a financial coach and the Chair of the Religion Department at a Catholic high school, as well as an adjunct professor and a Catholic college.

Do Politics and Religion Mix?

Professor Duffy has written on the topic of religion and politics and length. To answer our question, he says:

“The question of whether there should be more or less religion in politics is moot. I say this because religion is always in play.” Duffany went on to add, “nearly every law is merely an attempt to legislate morality.”

The professor continues, “There are actually two different questions that come to mind. The first question is, ‘If a politician is an adherent of a religion, is he/she exercising integrity with the religion they profess, and if not, should they be in a leadership capacity at all?”

He explains, “If they are not doing so, how can we have an honest dialogue let alone be assured that this person is representing the needs and thoughts of those who put the politician into office to begin with?”

What Does This Mean For Most Leaders?

Continuing down that line of thought, Professor Duffany explains, “The second question is this, ‘If we really hold strong to the First Amendment which guarantees our rights to free exercise of our religion, what can be done to ensure that both law and governmental action do not skirt the Constitution?’”

That can only happen when practitioners of religion are admitted to office and allowed to freely voice their opposition to what has been proposed. Far too many politicians today espouse religion when convenient, and then court voters like a mistress.”

If you’d like to hear more from Professor Duffany, you can visit his website, where you can schedule a consultation for financial coaching and read his posts on various financial topics.