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Republican Approval Climbs, Democrats Fall in Post-Impeachment Poll

The latest Gallup poll, one that has always favored Democrats, has returned surprising results, providing evidence that the Democrats’ impeachment strategy has come back to hurt them as public approval of Republicans has risen, while support for Democrats declines; plus, more of today’s top stories in conservative politics.

Gallup poll: Republican approval rises, support for Democrats drops

Gallup has been taking this poll of lawmakers since 1999, and historically, Democrats have tended to receive a higher approval rating than Republicans. But that is no longer the case and the failed impeachment attempt by Democrats may be responsible for the growing disfavor.

The latest Gallup poll found that in the wake of President Trump’s impeachment acquittal in the Senate Republicans gained a higher approval rating among the public over Democrats.

At the same time, the disapproval of Democrats rose to 62 percent, a 5-point increase since a similar poll taken last October. The results seem to signal growing disfavor among the public with the Democratic Party.

In this latest poll by Gallup, Republicans received a 40 percent approval rating, as compared to 35 percent for Democrats. The results mark a 6-point improvement for the GOP and a 3-point drop for Democrats, compared to a similar inquiry taken last October.

Pelosi says Dem coronavirus package coming, Schumer and Biden slam Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), accompanied by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), told reporters that a version of a coronavirus bill from Democrats in the House of Representatives could be released this week.

Schumer slams Trump over coronavirus

At the same time, Schumer slammed Trump’s efforts at battling the outbreak.

“I mean what was missing from the president’s talk is how he is actually going to deal with the spread of the coronavirus,” Schumer said.

“Well, what’s he going to do? So far we’ve seen statements belittling the problem, contradictory statements, statements that don’t address the problem. … It seems President Trump is more focused on the stock market than addressing this pandemic,” Schumer added.

Biden says Trump has “no competence” for dealing with coronavirus

Referring to the coronavirus, former Vice President Joe Biden told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell that Trump has “no competence in how to handle this crisis,” suggesting that the president has mishandled the response.

Biden said that the president is sending mixed messages about the coronavirus, which is contributing to market turmoil.

“There’s no confidence in the president in anything he says or does,” Biden said. “I wish he would just be quiet.”

Biden went on to suggest that the president should let the experts inform the public about what should be done in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

Sanders would still leave borders open amid coronavirus outbreak

Self-professed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) believes so strongly in open borders that he would not even close them in the midst of the escalating coronavirus outbreak.

At a Fox town hall broadcast, Sanders was asked if he would close the borders to combat coronavirus.

“No,” Sanders said matter-of-factly.

Closing the borders is something “you don’t want to do right now,” Sanders continued.

The Vermont senator suggested that closing the borders would only further the racist spirit of a president “who propagated a xenophobic, anti-immigrant sentiment from before he was elected.”

Poll: 3 in 4 Democrats would support a socialist for president

A Gallup poll found that 76 percent of Democratic voters, the majority, or 3 out of 4, would vote for a socialist as president.

Among Independents, 45 percent said they would vote for a socialist president. By comparison, only 17 percent of Republicans said they would vote for a socialist as president.

Public sentiment such as shown by Democrats and Independents may be one reason the Democratic establishment has rallied behind former Vice President Joe Biden in an attempt to prevent “Democratic socialist” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) from gaining the Democratic nomination.

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