Racism Under Trump Has Declined, Academic Study Shows

Racism in the United States has measurably decreased since 2016 under the administration of President Donald Trump, according to a new academic study published by two University of Pennsylvania sociologists.

Media opinions don’t match the facts

If you read the headlines put out by the New Yorker, Time magazine, the Nation and numerous others, you might, as much of the public does, believe that racism has grown significantly under the administration of President Donald Trump.

“Hate on rise since Trump’s election,” the New Yorker wrote. “Racist incidents are up since Donald Trump’s election,” Time asserted. “Donald Trump’s rise has coincided with an explosion in hate groups,” the Nation attested, while also claiming 100 racist organizations had been founded since Trump launched his presidential campaign.

However, according to a new study – these headlines don’t match the facts.

University of Pennsylvania sociologist Daniel J. Hopkins and Samantha Washington have published an academic paper in which they actually measured the effects of the Trump administration on racism. What they found was the complete opposite of left-leaning media outlet headlines.

Here’s what they found…

Americans less racist under Trump

Between 2012 and 2016, anti-black prejudice had declined by only a statistically-insignificant degree.

However, after Trump’s election, anti-black prejudice took a statistically significant drop. But even more surprising … The biggest decline was among Republican voters, who were less prejudiced than Democrats.

Anti-Hispanic prejudice also fell after Trump’s election, although the paper states that “this was more evident among Democrat voters.”

The bottom line:

The media has perpetrated an agenda to smear President Donald Trump as racist, while the actual facts show that America has become less prejudiced and racist under Trump.

The media and the left have also repeatedly tried to portray those who wear the red “Make America Great Again” caps as being racist, rather than the truth which is that people who wear these hats are simply patriotic Americans.

Black and Hispanic Americans are experiencing unemployment at historic lows, as is the entire nation. Economic conditions for minority groups are better than they have been in 50 years under Trump.

The real hate mongers seem to be the liberal media, at least this recent study suggests so.