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President Trump to Resume Coronavirus Briefings Starting Tomorrow

President Donald Trump announced he will resume giving regular coronavirus briefings with the first scheduled for 5 PM on Tuesday, while the Supreme Court has refused to fast-track the case for Trump tax records.

President Trump will resume regular coronavirus briefings

President Donald Trump told reporters on Monday that beginning this week, he will resume delivering coronavirus briefings on a regular basis. The first briefing is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21 at 5 PM.

President Trump signaled that a heavy focus of the briefings will be centered around the development of a vaccine and drugs to treat COVID-19. Mr. Trump said these two issues have advanced significantly since he last held daily briefings, which occurred through March and April.

Many pundits alleged that Trump ended the coronavirus briefings as they devolved into largely an opportunity for the media to take potshots at the president, rather than help disseminate helpful information to the public.

The president also said he may invite the heads of companies who are involved in vaccine development to speak to the press.

“I think it’s a great way to get information out to the public as to where we are with the vaccine, with the therapeutics, and generally speaking where we are,” Trump said. “So I think we’ll start that, probably starting tomorrow.”

Critics have already begun alleging that President Trump is reviving the daily briefings as a way of boosting his approval numbers.

Supreme Court refuses to fast-track case for access to Trump’s tax records

The Supreme Court has denied an effort by Democrats in the House of Representatives to speed up the process that seeks access to President Donald Trump’s financial records and lower courts, CNBC reported.

Requests were made by a number of attorneys representing several Democratic-led congressional committees concerning congressional subpoenas and to speed up the timeline of remaining court battles was denied by the justices, The Hill reported. Democrats had sought to avoid the regular timeline which, under regular Supreme Court procedure, will reach the lower courts no sooner than August 3.

The rejection follows a Supreme Court ruling earlier this month which gave a win to New York State prosecutors who were seeking Trump’s tax returns but offered a defeat to the Democratic committees who were trying to obtain similar financial records. The Supreme Court left the latter matter to the lower courts to resolve.

President Trump’s campaign manager makes staffing changes

Recently appointed campaign manager for President Trump, Bill Stepien, announced Monday that Justin Clark would be serving as deputy campaign manager, Nick Trainer as director of battleground strategy, and Matt Morgan as campaign counsel, Politico reported. Stepien replaced longtime campaign manager Brad Parscale last week, who won’t be leaving the campaign but reassigned to focusing as the campaigns digital strategist and a senior advisor.

Parscale rails against the media as “enemy of the people”

Three days ago, Parscale spoke out against the mainstream, liberal-controlled media, tweeting: “The media is a criminal network that has very few honest people. They have zero intention, to tell the truth. I have seen so many live in fear of a negative story. I am happy I get to continue to fight with @realDonaldTrump against America’s biggest enemy, the media!”

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