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President Donald Trump Calls Manhattan Grand Jury News a “Witch Hunt”

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has been building a case against former President Donald Trump for years, but this week it looks like his investigation is entering into a new phase.

While he won a major victory back in February, which forced Trump’s accounting firm to turn over eight years of his tax records, it was disclosed this week that a special grand jury has been convened to investigate Trump and his businesses.

What Is His Case Against Trump?

Vance Jr. has not only been looking into Trump’s businesses and accounts for possible fraud and tax evasion, but he’s also looked into hush-money payments made to women on Trump’s behalf over the years.

In fact, his main focus has been whether Trump’s businesses manipulated numbers, such as accounts payable, to get favorable loans and to reduce their taxes.

The investigation actually began after Michael Cohen, who used to work for Trump, arranged hush money to clients Trump repeatedly mislead. 

New York Attorney General Is Joining the Case

New York Attorney General Letitia James also announced her office, which has been conducting a civil investigation into Trump’s actions, is joining Vance’s investigation.

“We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the organization is no longer purely civil in nature,” a spokesman for James explained.

“We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan (district attorney).”

Trump’s Camp Is Reportedly Very Nervous

While it’s unclear what kind of software or hard evidence prosecutors have against Trump and his team, his camp is reportedly in a “cloud of nerves,” according to a Politico report.

In fact, it is believed that the main reason they’re concerned is that Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg’s taxes are being investigated and many believe he will “flip” in order to avoid serious trouble.

“I think the Weisselberg involvement and the wild card of that makes the particular situation more real,” an advisor told Politico. The fact that they’re dealing with a numbers guy who just has plain details makes people more nervous. This is not a Michael Cohen situation.”

Trump’s Displaying a Different Public Attitude

Despite reports Trump’s camp is nervous, the former president is singing a different tune publicly. In a statement shared on Tuesday, May 25, Trump called the investigation “the greatest Witch Hunt in American History.”

“They wasted two years and $48 million in taxpayer dollars on Mueller and Russia Russia Russia, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and it continues to this day, with illegally leaked confidential information,” he said in a statement. 


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