Poll 75% of Dems don’t want Biden 2024, Biden quietly resumes border wall

CNN Poll shows 75% of Dems don’t want Biden in 2024, The Biden administration is quietly resuming the border wall as DC Mayor calls Guard to deal with influx of illegals, Calls for Biden cognitive test and more in politics.

CNN Poll shows 75% of Dems don’t want Biden in 2024

CNN poll released this week found that 75% of Democrat and Democratic-leaning voters want the party to nominate someone other than President Joe Biden in the 2024 election, CNN reported.

Biden administration is quietly resuming the border wall

The Biden administration quietly approved the continuation of construction of the US-Mexico border wall, approving a plan to complete a section near Yuma, Arizona, Fox reported. The plan specifically includes filling in four major gaps that continued to be among the most-traveled illegal immigration crossings.

DC Mayor calls for National Guard to deal with influx of illegals, Blasted by Cruz

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) said Thursday that she has asked for the National Guard to be deployed to help handle the influx of illegal immigrants that are coming into the nation’s capital, the Daily Wire reported. Bowser cited governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona sending buses of illegal immigrants

Bowser called it a “humanitarian crisis” and a “tipping point” with 4000 migrants so far entering DC.

“If 4000 is a tipping point, what the hell do you call the THREE & A HALF MILLION illegal immigrants who’ve crossed our southern border?” Texas Senator Ted Cruz wrote on Twitter.

DeSantis says China should be denied investing in US real estate

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) said this week that Chinese investors should not be allowed to buy real estate in the United States and that that prohibition should extend to all people and businesses with alleged ties to the Chinese Communist Party, Newsmax reported. The statement comes after the National Association of Realtors reported last week that Chinese investors spent some $6.1 billion on American real estate over a twelve-month span that ended in March. It represents the highest amount spent on US real estate by a foreign country.

DeSantis goes after Florida bar that had children present for explicit drag show

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR ) filed a complaint on Tuesday against a Miami bar that held a “sexually explicit” drag show for children, the Daily Wire reported.

“So [DBPR investigators] looked under Florida law and were able to initiate this procedure that would basically take away the liquor license for that,” DeSantis said, adding that identified ‘sexually explicit drag shows’ being held on the premises of a bar named the R House.

“But it used to be, the kids are off limits, no one wanted to bring the kids into any of this stuff,” DeSantis said. “And we’ve got to get back to that. And I can tell you in Florida, we are going to make sure that that happens.”

House Dems to introduce assault weapons ban

House Democrats will vote on a bill banning assault weapons on Friday, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) urging in a letter to colleagues for a “same-day authority” vote, a procedure that allows the fast-tracking of the bill by this afternoon, ABC reported.

Pelosi called it: “A crucial step in our ongoing fight against the deadly epidemic of gun violence in our nation.”

Over 50 Republicans call for Biden to take cognitive test, including former presidential physician

On Wednesday, over 50 House Republicans sent a letter directly to the White House on letterhead reading “Congress of the United States,” urging him to submit to cognitive testing, Fox reported.

The effort was led by Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX), a retired US Navy rear Admiral who served as White House physician under George Bush, and physician to the president for Barack Obama and Donald Trump.