26 GOP Governors Demand Biden Meet Over ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ at Border

Richard Williams

Twenty-six Republican governors sent a letter, demanding President Joe Biden meet with them over “humanitarian crisis” at the border, Beto O’Rourke considering run for Texas governor, more GOP politics updates. Governors demand Biden meet over “international humanitarian crisis” at US border Over two dozen Republican governors, including Doug Ducey of …

Newsom Fends Off CA Recall with Top Dem Support and Wealthy Donors

Richard Williams

California Governor Gavin Newsom has fought off a recall thanks to top Dem support and a mountain of cash from wealthy donors, while Fox host Tucker Carlson says General Milley committed treason against Trump. California Governor Newsom survives recall, defeats GOP challenger Elder thanks to massive top Democrat support and …

Trump Advisors Says Likely Run in 2024 after Biden Afghanistan Blunder

Megan Smith

Advisors to former President Donald Trump say 99-100% chance he will run in 2024, as Biden’s ratings drop amid Afghanistan blunder “has convinced him to run in 2024”; Plus, more top stories in conservative politics. Trump advisors: “99-100%” chance he will “run in 2024” According to former President Donald Trump’s …

Money Strategies: Thinking Critically can Save You Big Bucks

Chad North

The biggest mistake that most people make with their money is not thinking critically about it. Your money isn’t something to casually think about, spending it on whatever and only worrying when it gets low. Thinking about your finances critically can help you save some serious money. What do we …

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