Trump Undisputed Favorite in 2024, DeSantis Suspends State Attorney

Alyssa Huffman

Donald Trump is the undisputed 2024 favorite in recent straw poll, DeSantis suspends Soros-backed state attorney, Poll reveals what shocking majority of Americans believe about government, and more in conservative politics. 2024 Straw poll: Trump undisputed favorite Former President Donald Trump is overwhelmingly favored as the 2024 Republican presidential candidate, …

Trump Has Reached a Decision About 2024

Alyssa Huffman

Former President Donald Trump says he’s reached a decision about 2024, Fauci to retire, Senator Cruz says SCOTUS’ decision “clearly wrong” on gay marriage, Nikki Haley hints at 2024 run? Plus, more in conservative politics. Trump says he’s made up his mind about 2024 Will he or won’t? That is …

Democrats Want Joe to Go and GOP Poised to Take the House in 2024

Alyssa Huffman

Recent polls show that Democrats don’t want Biden in 2024, while latest figures show the GOP poised to take the house in 2024, Trump DC appearance July 26, and Cruz bill to block SPR oil sale to adversaries. Poll shows majority of Democrats don’t want Biden to run in 2024 …

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