Musk to Reverse Trump Twitter Ban, Scott and Biden War of Words


Elon Musk to reverse Twitter’s permanent ban on Trump, Senate passes bill to protect SCOTUS families, Senate to vote on legalizing abortion, Scott calls out Biden’s mental state and MAGA slam, and more in conservative politics.

Elon Musk will reverse Twitter’s permanent ban on Trump

On Tuesday, Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, said it was “not correct to ban Donald Trump,” He will reverse the permanent ban the company placed on the former US president, a decision he called “morally bad.”

“I think that was a mistake because it alienated a large part of the county, and did not ultimately result in Donald Trump not having a voice,” Musk said. “He is now going to be on Truth Social.”

“‘So I think this may end up being frankly worse than having a single forum where everyone can debate,” Musk continued. “I guess the answer is that I would reverse the permanent ban.”

“That doesn’t mean that someone gets to say whatever they want to say,” Musk added. “If they say something that is illegal or destructive to the world, then there should be perhaps a timeout, temporary suspension, or that particular tweet should be made invisible or have very little traction.”

Senate passes bill to protect families of Supreme Court justices

In the wake of protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices over the forthcoming abortion ruling, a bill was introduced last week by Sens. Chris Coons, D-Del., and John Cornyn, R-Texas. The bill would extend security protections to the immediate family members of Supreme Court justices.

Known as the Supreme Court Police Parity Act, the legislation passed unanimously in the Senate and now heads to the House, NBC reported.

Democrats support protesting at Supreme Court justices’ homes

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) was asked by a reporter: “Are you comfortable with the protests that we saw outside the homes of Supreme Court justices over the weekend?”

“If protests are peaceful, yes,” Schumer replied. “My house — there are protests three, four times a week outside my house. The American way to peacefully protest is OK.”

On the same day, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the president also agreed.

“The president’s long-standing view has been that violence, threats, and intimidation of any kind have no place in political discourse,” Psaki said. “And we believe, of course, in peaceful protests.”

Scott calls out Biden’s mental fitness, President snaps back in war of words slamming GOP ultra-MAGA agenda

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) called out president Joe Biden over his questionable mental fitness for office. Biden seemed to make a gaffe proving the point and later responding in a war of words.

“Senator Rick Scott of Florida … released what he calls the ultra-MAGA agenda,” Biden claimed. “It’s a MAGA agenda, all right. Let me tell you about this ultra-MAGA agenda. It’s extreme, as most MAGA things are.”

Biden said supporters of former President Donald Trump’s policies were “the most extreme political organization that’s existed” in recent American history, the Daily Wire reported.

In a tweet, Biden accused Republicans of wanting to raise taxes on middle-class families.

The remark came from Scott’s “11 Point Plan to Rescue America,” which proposed raising taxes on Americans, Fox reported.

“All Americans should pay some income tax to have skin in the game, even if a small amount,” Scott wrote in the plan. “Currently, over half of Americans pay no income tax.”

Scott questions Biden’s mental fitness

“Let’s be honest here,” Senator Scott said. “Joe Biden is unwell. He’s unfit for office. He’s incoherent, incapacitated, and confused. He doesn’t know where he is half the time. He’s incapable of leading, and he’s incapable of carrying out his duties. Period.”

“Everyone knows it,” Scott continued. “No one is willing to say it. But we have to, for the sake of the country. Joe Biden can’t do the job.”

Afterward, Biden attacked Scott but forgot what state he represents.

“Senator Rick Scott of Wisconsin, a member of the Senate Republican leadership, laid it all out in a plan,” Biden said. “It’s the Ultra-MAGA agenda.”