The Red Reel

Liberal Tears

January 16

Oh, Liz, what are you even doing?

With enough money, anything is possible, right?

Trouble in paradise?

This is a classic staredown ritual. Shh, no one interrupt!

Those kids truly never learn

January 9

Found on Twitter. It’s true, you know!

That rabbit hole goes pretty deep, huh?

The old talking points aren’t exactly holding up.

That’s more than most presidents can say, huh?

We can’t all be perfect, sadly.

January 2

Everyone’s had a teacher like this before

And if you disagree, you’re a spy too!

She’s more than a little terrifying.

She knows you know it.

You know it’s true.

December 26

Let’s keep it real: we all see what’s happening here.

Who can argue with that logic?

Well, when the truth is inconvenient enough, it can just go away.

Making sense isn’t their strong suit, after all.

We’ve all had to have this conversation before.

December 13

Come on, Mike, you know better than that!

Tough break, Kamala! Better luck in 2024.

November 20, 2019

Democratic “debate” edition…

November 12, 2019

You’ll get your turn, Nancy…

The ignorance and naivety hurts…

November 4, 2019

I smell desperation…

He’ll say anything to draw in those young, naive voters…

Who else would they vote for if you let them all out?

October 28, 2019

Talk about a fishing expedition to get dirt on President Trump…


But don’t worry folks, the Dems have plenty for everyone…


October 17, 2019

It must be hard being a Democrat. You really have to stay hydrated after all that crying…

woman crying because she votes democrat

It’s probably all that bitterness because their elite smarty pants President was wrong…

laughing man remembering that obama said that trump would never be president

They all want to be socialist, but they clearly have no idea what that means…

surprised kid realizing he still has to get a job if he votes socialist

T. Vernon Walsh

T. Vernon Walsh

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