Green Party Takes Big Wins in EU – Is American Next?

As Green parties and France, Germany, Britain and elsewhere gained 69 seats in the European Parliament driven by growing concerns by voters over climate change – the question is – is American next?

Centrist vote out in Europe, dominated by Green and Far-Right

Unlike in the US, which is dominated primarily by two political parties, the European Union has at least eight major parties, as well as, unaffiliated voters. The group making the most gains has been the Greens/EFA, also known as Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance.

The Greens, which are markedly pro-European Union, are now in a position to tip the scales in choosing who will be the next head of the European Commission. In Europe, moderates are out in terms of influence, and the voting power rests with either the Green parties or the far-right.

The Green party comprised over 20% of the vote in Germany. In France, the Green party comprised 25% of voters aged 18-25 and 13.5% overall.

The goal of the Greens is to push the European Union to end all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Essentially, the greens want every law which is passed at the European Union-level to undergo a climate review.

Green New Deal – hidden socialism?

Climate change advocates are raising their voices in America, especially among the young, and green concerns are almost certainly to be at the forefront of future elections.

The loudest voices leading the charge in American government are self-a valid democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) who proposed their “Green New Deal” as a way of reshaping America’s stance on climate change.

While many have downplayed the Green New Deal as simply a socialist manifesto, nonetheless, it represents a mindset and an agenda that won’t go away easily.

Not a single Democrat voted for the Green New Deal in March, instead, they voted “present,” including six members of Congress who are signed on as co-sponsors. Regardless, their stance does not mean that much of what was contained in the Green New Deal won’t resurface within other Democrat-sponsored legislation in bits and pieces or in a variety of other forms.

Australia election results may be lesson for America

If you listen to liberal media, conservatives and Trump are going down in 2020, and America is finally “woke.”

However, it was just this kind of thinking that gave liberals and Democrats a cold, hard slap in the face when Trump took the election in 2016. That thinking is simply a misunderstanding of how much of America actually thinks and feels, and hint – it’s not even close to the same way the major media created on the west and east coast thinks.

Australians lean right, much to the shock of Australian media

Similar to what happened in America in 2016, where liberals there were certain they were going to take control in elections, the same just happened in Australia in May 2019.

Australian voters rejected the left’s agenda and ideas, as conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison claimed victory. Like in America, the liberal media was both shocked and angry over the victory, calling the Australian population “morons,” “dumb,” and “greedy.”

At the heart of issues that conservative voters in Australia rejected were higher taxes, and a highly ambitious program that sought to reduce carbon emissions over the next decade by 45 percent, while also pushing for electric vehicles and renewable energy. In fact, many Australians compared this vision to America’s “Green New Deal.”

Much of America is “woke” all right, but awake in a different direction that is not buying into the hidden socialist agenda of programs such as the Green New Deal.