GOP on Cusp of Taking House, Majority Don’t Want Trump To Run in 2024


Republicans one seat away from a House majority – Projections on Senate advantage differ – Trump could announce 2024 run Tuesday, but majority polled don’t want that – Trump bid could upend Georgia runoff – More news from conservative politics

Republicans 1 seat away from a House majority

The latest projections show Republicans with 217 seats versus Democrats at 205 seats, with the GOP 1 seat away from having the necessary 218 seats for a majority, according to the Associated Press.

Republican representatives Michelle Steel and Ken Calvert both won re-election in California to put Republicans on the cusp of taking control of the House, Fox reported.

Projections on Senate advantage differ

The Democratic-leaning major networks give the impression that the party will retain control of the Senate, but projections depend on which source you get your information from.

According to the Associated Press, the GOP has 49 seats against the Democrats 48 seats, other parties have two seats, and the remaining seat in Georgia is set for a December 6 runoff election. If the incumbent Democrat, Warnock, holds his seat, the number will be a 49-49 tie between the two parties, with the other two seats held by Independents.

However, according to Politico, Democrats have 50 seats and Republicans have 49, with one a tossup. Essentially, this count is awarding the 2 Independent seats to Democrats to tabulate the number.

According to CNN, Democrats have 50 seats and Republicans have 49, with one a tossup, again delegating the independent seats to Democrats.

Trump could announce 2024 run Tuesday

Former President Donald Trump has an announcement scheduled on Tuesday evening at 9 PM local time from his Mar-a-Lago resort, which is widely expected to be his making it official that he intends to make his third presidential bid in as many election cycles, The Hill reported.

GOP worries Trump presidential bid announcement could upend Georgia’s Senate race

Many in the GOP have expressed their wishes that the announcement of any presidential bid by Trump be held off until after the December 6 Georgia runoff between Republican candidate Herschel Walker and Democratic incumbent candidate Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Majority in poll say Trump shouldn’t run again

The latest poll by Politico-Morning Consult found 53 percent of registered voters believe former President Donald Trump should “definitely not” run for president again, with another 12 percent saying “no, probably not,” for a combined total of 65 percent not in favor of a Trump presidential bid.

Democrat Hobbs projected winner over Kari Lake for Arizona Governor

Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has been projected as the winner over Trump ally Republican Kari Lake for Arizona Governor.

Newsmax calculated Hobbs as the winner with 50.39% of the vote versus 49.61% for Lake.

NBC projected Hobbs as the winner with 50.4% of the vote versus 49.6% for Lake.