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Reuters | Jonathan Ernst

Democrats Targeting Nunes, Schiff Gets Trump-Giuliani Video on Ukraine

Democrats have now set their sights on targeting the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, (CA), as an associate of President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani is prepared to testify, and in a related matter, has provided audio and video recordings between President Trump and Giuliani himself related to their efforts to persuade Ukraine’s government to investigate the Bidens.

Allegations against Nunes involving Ukraine

Lev Parnas, an associate of Rudy Giuliani, is prepared to testify that aides to Rep. Devin Nunes canceled a 2019 trip to Ukraine in order to avoid notifying Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

Parnas’s attorney said Parnas prepared to tell congressional investigators about a meeting that occurred between Nunes and a Ukrainian prosecutor, saying that the California representative was aiding the search for dirt on Joe Biden by the Trump administration.

“Mr. Parnas learned from former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Victor Shokin that Nunes had met with Shokin in Vienna last December,” Parnas’s attorney said.

In a separate case, Parnas, along with Igor Fruman, were both indicted on campaign finance charges.

Nunes threatens to sue CNN and Daily Beast

Nunes has called the allegations that he met with former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin to discuss investigating former Vice President Joe Biden “false.”

He has threatened to sue CNN and the Daily Beast for reporting the allegations made by the attorney of Parnas, Joseph Bondy.

Video and audio recordings emerge between Giuliani and Trump on Ukraine

Lev Parnas has reportedly provided House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) with audio and video recordings that allegedly contain conversations between President Donald Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, which are related to their efforts in persuading Ukraine’s government to launch investigations into the Bidens.

“Mr. Parnas has vociferously and publicly asserted his wish to comply with his previously issued subpoena and to provide the House Intelligence Committee with truthful and important information that is in furtherance of justice, not to obstruct it,” Parnas’s attorney said in a statement released yesterday.

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