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Blame Trump: Biden’s New Strategy Aims to Flip the Script on Violence

Joe Biden has emerged from the basement with a new strategy, finally speaking up about the rioting, but trying to cast the blame on Trump, while the President refers to the violence as “domestic terrorism.”

Biden blames Trump for violence in new strategy

If you can’t beat ’em – blame ’em…

Finally coming out of the basement to condemn the ever-rising unrest across America, that Democrats mostly ignored until it started to affect pole numbers, Joe Biden’s new strategy is to ignore that all the violence is occurring in Democrat-led cities and, instead, put all the blame on Trump.

The Biden campaign released an advertisement entitled “Be Not Afraid” (a quote from Pope John II), Fox reports.

The advertisement shows the former vice president condemning the violent protesting, looting, and rioting, while squarely blaming President Trump, alleging he exacerbating the violence by adding “fuel to every fire.”

“Rioting is not protesting,” Biden says. “Looting is not protesting. It’s lawlessness, plain and simple. And those who do it should be prosecuted.”

The advertisement shows images of burnt-out cars and buildings, accompanying Biden’s narration.

“Fires are burning and we have a president who fans the flames,” Biden adds. “He can’t stop the violence because for years he’s fomented it.”

Another ad blames Trump for lack of calm

Biden wants to turn MAGA into MARA… Make America Relaxed Again.

The newest ad from the Biden campaign begins with a direct question: “Remember when you didn’t have to think about the President every single day? And instead there was someone in that office who thought about you?”

The ad aims to imply that President Trump is the main contributing factor to the constant tension America is under, Fox Carolina reports.

“We’ve got to calm this whole situation down,” Biden said during an interview with CNN, “The American people aren’t buying this.”

Trump: Violence is “domestic terrorism”

President Donald Trump visited Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday, the latest epicenter of protests after a police shooting of a black man, which immediately turned destructive, prompted looting and descended into deadly violence.

President Trump called the violence “anti-American” during his visit WFLA 8 reported. “These are not acts of peaceful protest but, really, domestic terror,” President Trump said.

The president then said the federal government was willing to help quell the violence, but local leaders around the country have to make the request.

“They [Democratic leaders] just don’t want us to come,” Trump said. “These governors don’t want to call, and the mayors don’t want to call. They have to ask.”

The president also said he felt “terribly” for anyone who has suffered a loss during the violence in the city. Trump also noted that the situation was “complicated” and “under investigation.”

Trump said he attempted to call Jacob Blake’s mother, but opted against it after the family asked that an attorney listen in on the call, WFLA reported.

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